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Punishment Park (1971)

  When: Friday 23 November: 7.30pm
  How often: Every Friday
  Cost: £7, concessions
  Email: Classic Cinema Club

Classic Cinema Club of Ealing screens films. We start with a short introduction and after the film have a knowledgeable and lively discussion

Special Offer
Get your ticket for just £6 on the door and quote NORTHOLTCCCE

November / December theme -- Looking Back, Looking Forward
Here’s an eclectic mix of films that cover different points in recent history:
-- centenary of the end of the First World War
-- half a century later, we take a look at the hippie movement and counterculture
-- some alternative Christmas films

Through reconstruction, pseudo-documentary, narrative drama and comedies, we explore time and place in both serious works and entertainment

Where: Ealing Town Hall, New Broadway
Ealing, London W5 2BY

Punishment Park
Director Peter Watkins

In a vision of an alternate America in the near future, a news crew follows detained students, activists and dissidents through mock trials and a creative, cruel and unusual sentencing: a three day trek through the scorching desert.

This twisted game of capture the flag is crossed with a cat and mouse chase as they are pursued by armed police and the National Guard.

Presented as actual documentary footage -- an innovation the director often used -- along with non-professionals and improvisation, this is a radical and provocative protest film of its era.

Was it implausible, prescient, or was it already reality?

Named by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the top ten films of the year

Mobile: 07411 751965



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