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SpecialOffers events



Friday 18 January

  7.30pm  The Magnificent Ambersons (1942)
  Broken engagements, lovelorn jealousy, a spoiled spiteful son
  Cinema  SpecialOffers  Ealing

Friday 25 January

  7.30pm  El Sur -- The South (1983)
  Haunting, delicate portrait of childhood, with a father who oozes mystery
  Cinema  SpecialOffers  Ealing

Friday 1 February

  7.30pm  My Life as a Dog (1985)
  A coming-of-age story with uncommon depth
  Cinema  SpecialOffers  Ealing

Wednesday 6 February

  Residential Flats Managing Agents
  Save money, get peace of mind
  SpecialOffers  Advice  Help

Friday 8 February

  7.30pm  Three Monkeys (2008)
  Modern parable about power and exploitation
  Cinema  SpecialOffers  Ealing

Friday 15 February

  7.30pm  Quadrophenia (1979)
  Rock band The Who's other rock opera
  Cinema  SpecialOffers  Music  Festival  Ealing